The Chiropractic Adjustment


I do not use the word treatment.
For me, treatment is something you do to windows or hair; it might be therapeutic, it might address the surface of an issue.
A treatment is a procedure you do in order to fix an ailment or condition.
There is nothing wrong or bad about treatments. They have a place and provide value to those who seek them.
I do not offer treatments.

Conditioning tells us that life, time, and consequences are linear.
Linear simply means that if you do x, you will get y. If you add a lot of A, you will get a lot of B.
Linear thinking works really well is some disciplines. Newtonian mechanics, which helps us to understand and predict how matter works on a large scale is an invaluable part of human knowledge.
However, linear thinking does not apply to biology, which is by its very nature non-linear. Non-linear means that a small input can yield a large output, that if you do something in one spot, it could affect a seemingly unrelated spot somewhere else, and ultimately that the balance of life exists far from equilibrium.
Put it this way – the closer we get to thermodynamic equilibrium, the closer we are to death, which is the ultimate state of material stability.

Composition is non-linear.

When the composer hears the score, they do not say “does this accord with the rules and theories of music?” The composer channels what was once ethereal and formless into something that can be expressed in the physical realm of time and space and instruments.

To say that the lines on the staff, the clef or the key dictate the course of the song or limit the expression of the music is to misunderstand how this process unfolds. Even the notes as they are written on the page are only representations of an unlimited unbound energy that allows the composer to temporarily give it a name.

This is not to say that the composition defies the defined and observable laws of music theory. It means that the defined and observable laws are simply descriptions of what compositions consistently have in common.

Music is not born from theory any more than Nature is born from physical laws. Genesis always has been and always will be the process of the immaterial unfolding itself in the language of the physical world. The size, style, and age of your light fixture does not alter the nature of the electricity that feeds it, even though that electricity acquiesces to the limits of the matter and form. How else could it share its light?

The chiropractic adjustment is non-linear.

Adjusting is a creative act because the chiropracTOR understands that, like the artist, they are facilitating the unfolding of intelligence through matter, which happens to be the chiropractic meaning of life. The adjustment allows the Innate Intelligence that coordinates and communicates with all spheres of the human experience to be unlocked, enticed, and reorganized. An adjustment is something that is made, co-creatively, for the betterment of the individual and by extension all who will be affected by their greater connection to Source.

The clinical impact of the adjustment is profound. It has the ability to affect any manifestation of dis-ease in the body or mind. This is what differentiates an adjustment from a treatment. The scope is far beyond the removal of an uncomfortable or undesired condition. An adjustment is not limited to the linear thinking of the Educated mind. An adjustment takes as its starting point the premise that the the body is a connected, continuous, self-healing, self-regulating, living organism. The adjustment is delivered to integrate and enhance the expression of intelligence, health, wellness, and sanity in the physical form of the human being.

I use the word adjustment.
I offer the service of adjusting people, not conditions or stories.
I deliver this service.

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